Sun­day, July 11, 2010, 3:40 PM EDT
New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

New Moons are the best times to ini­ti­ate new things. Solar Eclipses sig­nify big begin­nings. With a Solar Eclipse we can expect to see changes in the world and turn­ing points for many of us espe­cially when the degree of the luna­tion is con­nect­ing with a planet or angle in our own horo­scope. With this Eclipse in the sign of the Moon, our emo­tional aware­ness can be greatly height­ened along with the sur­fac­ing of old issues and deep mem­o­ries revis­it­ing issues that are ready to be healed. Can­cer, high­lights home and fam­ily and the abil­ity to nur­ture our­selves and oth­ers. Think of what habits you want to change and more pro­duc­tive ones to com­mit to . Seek what feeds you emo­tion­ally, as well as spir­i­tu­ally, to sus­tain a new pos­i­tive trend in your life. Mars is mak­ing a har­mo­nious aspect to this Solar Eclipse which con­tributes cre­ative and ener­getic expres­sion of this entire process over the next six months.

Com­pli­men­tary copy of your horoscope.…

If you would like a brief expla­na­tion of the your natal Moon sign, aspects and house place­ment as well as where this Solar Eclipse falls in your horo­scope and will be affect­ing the next six months, email me at  and I will send that to you. Please include your date, time and place of birth

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