Sunday, July 25, 2010, 9:37 PM EDT

Full Moon in Aquarius. 

Opposite the Sun in Leo, the Moon in Aquarius stimulates thoughtful responses to emotional issues, as well as respect for friendship and rational/original ideas. It symbolizes concern for humanity, as a whole, to allow freedom for each individual.
The Sun in Leo is all about  matters of the heart. To discover ones special
qualities and radiate loving energy to all those around you.

This is a wonderful time to lift out of an ordinary mind set,   blending your imagination with a heart-centered urge to seek emotional security through self confidence . True self-esteem is built by developing a calm center and taking responsibility for the energy (negative and positive) you output everyday.  The issue at hand is to become a radiant and happier person ultimately for the sake of everyone around us.

Complimentary copy of your horoscope along with….
The house placement of Uranus can indicate the ongoing area in your life that needs to revolutionize. The Zodiacal sign is an indicator on how you might go about accomplishing that. Your natal Sun sign describes how you express your energy and how that energy is nourished. If you would like to know what house the New Moon will be affecting this month and the sign and placement of your natal Uranus and Sun email and I will send that to you. Please include name,date,time and place of birth.

Why not have your Solar Return done for 2010?

What’s in the sky on your birthday shows a lot about the year ahead. A Solar Return reading covers one Solar year, beginning on your birthday and ending on your next birthday. A Solar Return reading is recommended as early as 3-5 months before your birthday, and is still useful anytime during the Solar year.

If you have a friend who may be interested in receiving the moon messages please forward this along! .

Are you interested in learning Astrology?

I am now offering classes on the following:

  • Basic Astrological symbolism and how to use astrology as a tool in your life.
  • Relationship Astrology (comparing two horoscopes)
  • Astrocartography (working with Astromapping and relocating a horoscope).

Each private class over the phone will set its own schedule and class visuals will be emailed. The tuition is four classes $160.   visa/mc accepted.
If you have any question or would like to register email or call 954 920-2026.