This is the time of year when the Sun is in the sign of Leo.   I said to myself no self respecting Leo would object to hearing about themselves!  So all of those born July 24-August 23rd this is some general information on your character, principle, leadership abilities etc.  If your birthday is on the cusp (around the day Leo begins or ends) Email me and I will confirm your Sun sign.

Characteristics of Leo

You are a natural born optimist with a tremendous amount of self-will and a sense of purpose in life.  You believe people should be honorable and reach and all they seek in life through fairness and open hearted decency.  You can be magnanimous, sometimes generous to a fault, yet you are not one to be doubted or argued with for there is a nobility to all you do that helps you to rise above the mediocrity in life.

You feel for those less fortunate than yourself and are a kind yet sometimes strict parent. You believe in drawing the line and making it clear to others what you stand for and that your unshakable beliefs are not to be scoffed at.

In work you do well on your own or in a managerial position overseeing others for you can easily spur them to reach for accomplishments they never imagined. You love to see people thrive from your advice for you bathe in the admiration they have for your guidance.

Life is a stage and everybody has their role. You practice at being tough, but you are a very warm-hearted individual for those who get to know you closely. In fact, it is all but too easy for some to play on your sympathetic nature.

You have to be careful about overdoing, for sometimes there is a tendency for you to reach too far beyond your grasp. Your need to do things in a grandiose manner sometimes overpowers your good sense of reason, and for this reason you must be careful of indulgences, such as alcohol, gambling or any form of ego- sensations that could get out of hand and difficult to control.

In love you are ardent, fiery, demanding and bold. You can be highly- sexed and showingly romantic. You often attach yourself to someone who you see as helpless in some way who needs your attention to thrive. You are especially compatible with Aries (whose powerful sense of self and independence helps you to dare yourself to reach greatness) and from Sagittarius (who teaches you to be honorable in your destinations in life).

Your karma is to shine in every endeavor you undertake, and by so doing you teach others all that is possible to achieve. The more you build a life of honor, the closer you will be to all your dreams.

Above article thanks to Martin Schulman.

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