ariesSunday, October 16, 2016, 12:23 AM EDT
Full Moon in Aries.

The Aries Full Moon infused with the energy of Mars (taking risks, action and in general getting all fired up) is opposite the Sun in Venus’ sign, Libra (cooperation, balance and harmony) . After all, we learn so much about ourselves through our close relationships with others. Uranus joins the Moon, energizing our ability to break through where we are stagnated.

Our challenge this Full Moon is to find a balance between being loyal to our own needs, goals and desires and wanting the approval of those we love. Focusing on being a winner in life revitalizes our relationships. In other words, when we are victorious we inspire others!

Complimentary copy of your horoscope along with…………

The sign the planet Mars is in your natal chart shows how you express your energy. The sign the planet Venus is in describes what you need to feel loved. If you would like to know the houses in your natal chart that will be affected by this lunation and the sign and house placement of Venus and Mars, email .

I will be happy to email that info and brief explanations to you. Please include your date, time and place of birth with your request.aries1

Why not have your Solar Return done for 2016/2017? What’s in the sky on your birthday shows a lot about the year ahead. A Solar Return reading covers one Solar year, beginning on your birthday and ending on your next birthday. A Solar Return reading is recommended as early as 1-3 months before your birthday, and is still useful anytime during the Solar year.

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