Friday, February 10, 2017, 7:33 PM EST
Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse in Leo


Leo is the sign of the Sun, so shine!

A lunar eclipse happens when the earth comes between the Sun and Moon blocking the reflective light of the Moon. This is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse which only creates a shade over the Moon. This is a more subtle energy than a full eclipse but Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn are all making flowing aspects to this Lunation making this an opportune time to shift how we relate to people in our lives.
More than any other sign, Leo rules creative actualization of the self. The ego is self, knowing and creatively actualizing ,itself. The more we know and express who we are the more we become adept at dealing with the wide range of experiences in life without being indiscriminately susceptible to the varying influences of others opinions in forming our sense of self.lion picture

This is a wonderful time to lift yourself out of an ordinary mind set, blending your imagination with a heart-centered urge to seek emotional security through your self confidence and pride. True self-esteem is built by developing a calm center and taking responsibility for the energy (negative and positive) you output everyday.

Opposite the Moon, the Sun in Aquarius symbolizes concern for humanity, as a whole, to allow freedom of each individual. With the Moon in Leo, there is a strong urge to express oneself.  One could say the issue at hand is to become a radiant and happier person ultimately for the sake of everyone around us. Celebrate this Full Moon as we write, direct and star in our own life story.

Since this is the best Moon for increasing your creativity, wherever you are in your life right now is your great stage.

Complimentary copy of you horoscope along with….
Your natal Sun sign describes how you express your energy and how that energy is nourished. The house placement of Uranus can indicate the ongoing area in your life that needs to revolutionize as well as where you heal past traumas. The Zodiacal sign is an indicator on how you might go about accomplishing that. If you would like to know what house the Full Moon will be affecting the next few weeks and the sign and placement of your natal Uranus and Sun email and I will send that to you. Please include name,date,time and place of birth.

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