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With the Moon in Leo, there is a strong urge to express oneself.

Leo is associated with the Sun.   Healthy Leo, healthy ego. More than any other sign, Leo rules creative actualization of the self. The  ego is the self, knowing and creatively actualizing itself. The more we know about who we are the more  we become  adept at  dealing with the wide range of experiences in life without being susceptible to  the varying influences of others opinions in forming our sense of self.

This is the perfect time to start living as the reinvented you. Since this is the best New Moon for increasing your creativity, wherever you are in your life right now is your great stage. This New Moon we write, direct and star in our own life story. Bravo!

Complimentary copy of your horoscope along with……….
Where this New Moon falls in your natal chart is where the cosmic curtain is rising for you.

The Natal Sun sign (the planet ruling Leo)indicates in what way you reveal your individuality. It also is the particular way your energy and life force is expressed and what you need to feel vital.

If you would like to learn more about

  • your own Sun Sign
  • natal Sun’s aspects
  • house placement
  • the  area of your life will be affected this lunar cycle (for about a month),

email I will be happy to send that information to you. Please include date, time and place of your birth. Would you like to read my blog about the sign Leo?

Why not have your Solar Return done for 2010? What’s in the sky on your birthday shows a lot about the year ahead. A Solar Return reading covers one Solar year, beginning on your birthday and ending on your next birthday. Special   Solar Return price this August!!!! $25 discount

Are you interested in learning Astrology?

I am now offering classes on the following:

*Basic Astrological symbolism

and how to use astrology as a tool in your life.

*Relationship Astrology

(comparing two horoscopes)


(working with Astromapping and relocating a horoscope).

Each private class over the phone will set its own schedule and class visuals will be emailed. The tuition is four classes $160.   visa/mc accepted.
If you have any question or would like to register email

or call 954 920-2026.

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